Over the past few weeks we have been upgrading the facilities at wolf spa nottingham, upgraded spa tub -  with stronger more relaxing jets, mirrored spa tub area, new look chill out areas, re-arranging the seating areas, new large screen TV's as well as a few choice furnishings!!!!

Also finishing the outdoor chill out/smoking area  - making it a more comfortable area to sit in.


We have also updated our prices and the deals we offer - all of which can be found on this website.


We want to be as fair as possible with our pricing therefore we have introduced a £5.00 entry fee for after 6pm on a daily basis and also


The Wolf Promise

If you come along after 6pm and there is no one else in and you decide to stay - it will be free of charge.


We will also be holding a 6 month Birthday party


Headonistic Party Weekend

On the 20th October Wolf Spa Nottingham will be 6 months old – many said we would not survive but we are still here and getting stronger every day – To celebrate 6 months of opening and also to say a VERY BIG thank you to our customers we are having a HEADONISTIC PARTY WEEKEND 19/20/21st October.

We will be open our usual times on those days 12 noon to 10pm.

*Complimentary Buffet from 5pm Daily.

*Complimentary Hot & Cold Refreshments Daily

*Temporary Bar will be available Daily.


There will be no dress code this weekend – just come along in what ever your headonistic inner self commands or want to get noticed in – not compulsory – towel provided.

Further details and up dates will be posted


Due to popular demand we are now open from 11am every day.

Wolf Spa Nottingham is now open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm


Christmas & New Year Opening Times.


This is our first Christmas and New Year at Wolf Spa Nottingham – and we have created something a bit different “TFI OPEN” days -  (Thank Fuck Its Open Days).

24th December 11am to 8pm (TFI OPEN Day)

25th December 12 noon to 6pm (TFI OPEN Day)

26th December 12 noon to 6pm (TFI OPEN Day)

27th December 11am to 10pm

28th December 11am to 10pm

29th December 11am to 10pm

30th December 11am to 10pm

31st December 11am to 8pm (TFI OPEN Day)

1st January 12 noon to 6pm (TFI OPEN Day)

2nd January 11am to 6pm

3rd January 11am to 6pm

We have created “TFI OPEN” Days for those who want to escape and chill away from the mayhem of Christmas & New Year.

The entry fee for the “TFI OPEN days only is £5.00 (no other discounts will apply), however, as from and including 24th December the fee for under 24 years will be £5.00, if there is enough people then we will stay open later. (All facilities will be available Sauna, Steam Room and Spa Tub).

You are welcome to bring along your own alcohol (it does need to be stored either at reception or in your locker) – we have cups.

We will have a designated area where you can sit and watch TV Channels of your choice (as long as agreed with other viewers).

Soft drInks/tea and coffee will be available as usual – however we will also be providing a microwave, plates and cutlery – if you have a doggy bag to bring along or a few mince pies!!!!.


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