Covid - 19 Risk Assessment

Wolf Spa Nottingham has always put safety as its number one priority and right now, this is more important than ever as we re-open for business. 

Things may be a little different but ensuring safety and well-being always comes first and we want our members to be confident when they use the facilities of Wolf Spa Nottingham and staff to have peace of mind when at work. 

This article provides a summary assessment of our approach to reducing the risk to our members, staff and contractors. 

In determining appropriate control measures, we have followed relevant Government guidance and will continue to review these measures as this develops.

 We have consulted and taken feedback from a number of key stakeholders: 
Government bodies. 
Trade and industry bodies 
Suppliers and contractors 
This has assisted us in designing and implementing the controls which are summarised below. 

Risk controls: 
We have implemented a number of key risk controls within Wolf Spa Nottingham... 
Social distancing Signage and posters to control social distancing standards. 
Physical screens in key areas such as reception. 
Barriers or markings to control social distancing standards in key areas such as reception, changing rooms, lounges and corridors. 
Limiting the maximum capacity of Wolf Spa Nottingham. 
Cleaning and personal hygiene 
Enhanced cleaning regimes and increased frequency of cleaning of touch points. 
Hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser available for clients and staff. 
Disposable gloves, face masks available to all clients and staff. 
Promotion of booking online in advance and contactless payment to reduce contact.

   Managing members, staff and contractors. 
 Oversight and regular supervision of these control measures by management. Management trained on the relevant guidelines.
    Monitoring programme to ensure compliance with risk controls. 
Communication via posters and announcements.

Guidance to use Wolf Spa Nottingham as part of a members health & fitness regime only and limiting time spent at Wolf Spa Nottingham and to manage capacity within Wolf Spa Nottingham. 

Temperature screening of customers before entering.

    Staggered slots available for use of the spa. 

Contractor control processes in place. 

Risk evaluation and results 
Based on our evaluation of the current controls, the risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) are reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable within Wolf Spa Nottingham

You can see our Covid - 19 Policy > Here

Risk Assessment updated July 2020..